ESRT Construction is a leader in sustainable building products and technologies.

ESRT Construction is committed, through its sustainable business practices and LEED expertise on construction projects, to protecting and preserving the natural environment. ESRT Construction is skilled in procuring sustainable building products and implementation of environmentally sensitive construction technologies.

The projects that we build are not only environmentally responsible, but save energy, and improve employee productivity, providing long-term cost savings for our clients.

Our LEED-accredited professionals in estimating, project management and field supervision, work closely with our clients' design teams to provide the best possible solutions, and have developed industry leading standards in:

Energy Efficiency

  • Construct LEED Certified projects that exceed energy performance codes and reduce future costs.
  • Provide cost-payback analysis, and evaluate alternative systems in order to optimize return on capital investment and minimize energy consumption.

Waste and Recycling

  • Recycle demolition and construction waste in renovation/new construction, with a target of recycling 90% of cartable waste.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Indoor air quality and office environment control has a significant impact on worker productivity, generally the largest overhead expense for most companies. ESRT Construction works with its client's design team to provide solutions that improve indoor air quality and enhance worker productivity.
  • Implement efficient HVAC system solutions that improve tenant comfort levels while reducing energy consumption.
  • Use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, wall covering, carpet, base and adhesives that reduce toxic off-gassing and reduce employee sick-days.
  • Day-lighting systems that reduce energy consumption and improve employee satisfaction.

Sustainable Materials

  • Use of sustainably grown and produced renewable materials from local sources to reduce transportation related energy consumption.
  • Identify and procure recycled content materials as substitutes to more costly and harmful materials.

Water Use Reduction

  • Green roof system installations
  • Recapture rain water for grey water and irrigation.
  • Low water devices, appliances and fixtures.

ESRT employees with a portion of the new fleet of Ford Escape Hybrid vehicles used by ESRT Construction and Empire State Realty Trust throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.